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Season of sun


I used to hate sun. It made me dizzy and obnoxious. Having been in the southern hemisphere for more than just a few years, I've come to an agreement with the generally warm weather. Now I actually like the sun light very much. I like summer and its warmth. Even the blazing heat is still better than the fierce cold. My lame shoulder gets its blood circulation warmed. I can exercise without worrying too much about catching cold inadvertently. And I can enjoy beach and the sea breeze, not that I am in reality able to do this on a daily basis though. Beer tastes better too, although I somehow prefer wine when it's summer.

I wish I lived by great beach, in a wooden cottage, with a beautiful and kind company, and did not worry about earning my daily bread, in an all-year-summer land where it doesn't rain too much.

Wishful thinking.

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