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Run home


Having felt it necessary that I'd have to take up some extra cardio exercise for my fitness, I've decided to run home from work. It's a fair bit of distance from work to home - takes about 50 mins by foot. Today was the first experiment.

No, actually, I did walk home from City last Friday. Just gave it a go when I missed a bus which was to arrive an hour later. Even by the time I got home, it wasn't time for the bus. That day it was a bit taxing on my feet because I had to put up with my work shoes.

This time I've brought my casual shoes to work - unfortunately I don't have a pair of running shoes. But casual shoes still were so much better than the formal work shoes. Because the way is rather hilly, it was a hard work. But the harder it gets, the more worthy it is for my cardio level, right?

At the completion of the exercise, I've dropped by the local shopping mall and bought a 1.25L bottle of sparkling mineral water and a pack of 'ultra-thin' condom. I felt like some sort of animal at the time I purchased them, and it was curiously satisfying. I wolfed down the bottle and arrived home safely. The sun was still high up in the sky - I love summer.

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