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Another scene


I'm in another relationship. This time I do love. She loves me too. But not as much. She's certainly more experienced than I. In fact I'm not too sure if she really loves me. Ing can say she loves me because I love her. I don't think she'll love me if I don't. She was in a one-sided love, only about a couple of months ago before we met. Yes she'd have done anything for him. She's done almost everything for him, it seems. I don't think she'll do that for me though. Or, yes, she doesn't do anything for me. She was prepared to give up everything for him. She's NOT prepared to do the same for me though. Simple - she doesn't really love me. She says that one-sided love expired long ago. But she'd only erase his shadows in her only when I find them out. I know his shadows, things that remind her of him, still permeate in her. It drives me crazy. Somehow it's not that I'm jealous of him. Rather it's that I can't stand her lies. When she says she loves me, it's just not the same love she cherished for him. It's more of gratitude. Gratitude in response to my love.

My solution is to accept the fact. Accept that she doesn't love me. Be prepared to let her go when she can no longer pretend to really love me.

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